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Photostockplus Changes how we Store and Buy Online Photos ends the tedium of fiddling with file sizes and photo sizing while trying to email photos. Simply upload your images to your URL and enjoy worldwide access to new markets and treasured memories.

If you're a professional photographer or a weekend warrior with a camera, you'll be delighted by It's a new online photography destination for those eager to share and/or sell their images -- unencumbered by royalties. Demand is only growing in our visual-based society for stock photos, especially images without royalty fees that limit everyday usage of purchased photos.

At's free hosting site, photographers enjoy file-sharing privileges and 10 megs of free storage. Photographers who choose to become pro members can sell images with real time credit card processing and promote their portfolio 24/7 with their own URL, while accessing clients offering photo assignments. With 200 megs of storage provided, members can create multiple albums at their URL for different categories of images, protect their images with a watermark, control viewer access to specific albums with a password, upload multiple images at once and track visitors to their site.

While several archiving sites exist, this is one of the first that lets amateurs set individual pricing to images and sell their photos. Consequently, business meets pleasure at is based in Montreal and quickly becoming a golden resource for photographers and image shoppers around the world.

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