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Need some information on photographer? There's plenty of great articles for you to read.

Photography tutorials to help make you a better photographer. Quick and easy to read.

  • Take Better Pictures
    Learn how to create beautiful and interesting photos-and avoid common photo mistakes.

  • Understanding Resolution
    The key to editing, scanning, and printing images lies in understanding how pixels transform into inches and vice versa.

  • Creating Digital Images
    Follow the tenets of good composition for any image you are putting on a web page. If anything, this is even more important for web page images as visitors may be scrutinizing them in more detail as the images download.

  • About Compression
    When you shoot a digital image, it must be saved in a digital file format, and your choice (or lack thereof) of that file format helps to determine the amount of compression that is applied to the image. What compression does, as its name implies, is to compress the data inside of the image so that its file size is smaller and thus takes up less disk space. Compression, when used correctly, is an extremely beneficial tool.

  • How Shutter Speed Work
    Traditionally, the shutter speed is the amount of time that light is allowed to pass through the aperture. Think of a mechanical shutter as a window shade. It is placed across the back of the aperture to block out the light. Then, for a fixed amount of time, it opens and closes.

  • Controlling Light
    It is important to control the amount of light that reaches the sensor. Thinking back to the water bucket analogy, if too much light hits the sensor, the bucket will fill up and won't be able to hold any more.

Buying Guides:
Read about the products before you decide to buy your hardware. It's important to know everything before you invest your money on a camera.

If you're interested in reading photography books, we've selected a list of books that might interest you.

  • Real World Digital Photography
    Whether you're just making the transition from a lifetime of traditional photography or are looking to bring your Digital photography skills in line with today's market, if you're serious about digital photography, you need this book.

  • Digital camera market peaked too soon
    The digital camera industry has reached maturity early, and the heady growth rates will slow, according to a report.

  • Flower Portraits: The Life Cycle of Beauty
    Joyce Tenneson, best known for her portrait photography, has turned her sights on flowers in Flower Portraits: The Cycle of Beauty . "As a portrait photographer, I see flowers not as mere decorations, but as distinctive personalities. When I make a human portrait, I try to discover some inner essence that helps crystallize that person's uniqueness. I photograph flowers with the same respect."

  • Digital Photography Pocket Guide
    Digital has arrived in the world of photography. Although digital cameras have been around for several years, it has not been until more recent times that the quality of the images and functions of cameras began to rival their traditional film counterparts. Of course you may quibble that this technology arrived some time ago, but for most, until it was affordable it might as well have not been there.

  • Mastering Digital Photography and Imaging
    Like certain people, some books are real “lookers” - Mastering Digital Photography and Imaging is that kind of book. When you first crack it open you are struck by (no surprise) the beautiful photography, though at second glance you will probably begin to notice the more subtle items such as the compositions, layouts, colors and text designs.

  • The Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers
    Some people make their living with a camera, and for these people the maturation of digital photo technology means a significant shift in their trade. The Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers is for people who are already adept with a camera, and pretty much up to speed on the peculiarities of digital photography, too.

  • The Camera (Ansel Adams Photography, Book 1)
    The Camera , together with The Negative and The Print , comprise The Ansel Adams Photography Series, a legendary triad of books about photographic technique that has become the most influential "how-to" series on photography ever written.

  • The Negative (Ansel Adams Photography, Book 2)
    This second volume is anchored by a detailed discussion of Adams' Zone System and his seminal concept of visualization.

  • Variable Contrast Printing Manual, The
    The Variable Contrast Printing Manual is the only comprehensive resource for photographers printing with variable contrast papers.

  • Lighting for Glamour Photography: A Complete Guide to Professional Techniques for Film and Digital Photography
    We get quite a few questions from readers concerning studio lighting.

  • Classic Glamour Photography: Techniques of the Top Glamour Photographers
    The title of this book made me think of classic black and white glamour shots from the 40's and 50's.

  • Nude and Beauty Photography
    This book is part of the Kodak Pro Series of books.

  • Kodak Guide to 35MM Photography : Techniques for Better Pictures
    Photography books for beginners walk a fine line between being so detailed that they actually scare people away from photography and being so trivial that they are of little use once you gain some knowledge.

  • Light and the Art of Landscape Photography
    This is not your typical photography text or how-to book.

Camera Specs:
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Photo Terms:
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