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Samsung Cameras :
Samsung Digimax A4
4 mega-pixel digital camera for beginners and intermediate users.

Samsung Digimax A5
The Digimax A5 has a 5 mega-pixel CCD sensor. In combining these sensors with a Samsung High-Definition (SHD) lens, these cameras deliver fantastic image quality.

Samsung Digimax A6
6.0 Mega-pixel high resolution with 3x optical and 4x digital zoom

Samsung Digimax A7
7.0 Mega-pixel high resolution, 15X ZOOM (3x optical 5x digital), Large 2.0" LCD

Samsung Digimax A40
The DIGIMAX A40 provides a built-in 11MB memory so that you can take and save pictures without a memory card.

Samsung Digimax A50
Basic information on each shooting situation is saved in the DIGIMAX A50 and is applied when taking pictures.

Samsung Digimax A55W
5 Mega-Pixel High Resolution DIGIMAX A55W with 4.8x Optical and 5x Digital Zoom.

Samsung Digimax A302
3.2 effective megapixels

Samsung Digimax A400
This camera secures superior image quality through Samsung Techwin’s exclusive SHD lens technology, recognized throughout the world, and provides a 5 cm macro shooting function so that you can take more precise pictures.

Samsung Digimax A402
This 4 mega-pixel digital camera is equipped with a 0.4-inch high-definition CCD so that you can achieve more natural-looking images.

Samsung Digimax A403
4.0 mega-pixel digital camera

Samsung Digimax A502
This digital camera gives clearer and sharper colours and superior image quality with 5 mega-pixels. The Digimax A502, with stylish and up-to-date design.

Samsung Digimax A503
The DIGIMAX A503 provides convenient function and setting buttons that can be used simply and easily with just one hand.

Samsung Digimax GX-1L
This highly functional digital SLR with high icture quality is alsoeasy to use and offers the easeof operation, helping the user create his or her own photographing style.

Samsung Digimax GX-1S
GX-1S is a user-friendly digital SLR camera with upgraded optical and digital technology.

Samsung Digimax i5
5.0 Mega-pixel, Optical 3X Zoom for Movie and Still, 2.5" TFT LCD

Samsung Digimax i6 PMP
The world’s first digital camera with PMP will let your spirits soar! With the Digimax i6 PMP, you are always in a movie theater.

Samsung Digimax i50 MP3
5.0 Mega-pixel, Stylish digital camera with MP3, 17.8mm slim digital camera

Samsung Digimax L50
The DIGIMAX L50 includes a 1/2.5 inch CCD with 500 mega-pixels. The 500 mega-pixel CCD provides natural looking colours.

Samsung Digimax L60
The Digimax L60's high-precision 3x optical zoom SHD lens delivers clear, crisp images andis even available in movie mode.

Samsung Digimax L55W
The L55W includes a 5 mega-pixels 1/2.5" high-resolution CCD enabling reproduction of rich and natural colour touches.

Samsung Digimax L85
Samsung Digital Camera Digimax L85provides you with an amazing photoexperience.

Samsung Digimax S500
The Digimax S500 is a high resolution digital camera that is equipped with a true-colour filtered 5.1 mega-pixels CCD.

Samsung Digimax S600
The Digimax S600 is a high resolution digital camera that is equipped with a true-colour filtered 6.0 mega-pixels CCD.

Samsung Digimax S800
The Digimax S800 is a high resolution digital camera that is equipped with a true-colour filtered 8.1 mega-pixel CCD.

Samsung Digimax U-CA5
The Digimax U-CA 5 is a high resolution digital camera that is equipped with a true-colour filtered 5.0 mega-pixel CCD.

Samsung Digimax V50
The Digimax V50 has a built-in 5.0 mega-pixel, high resolution CCD and uses advanced image processing technology to produce rich but natural color tones

Samsung Digimax V70
Effective 7.0 Mega Pixels, 15X zoom (3X optical,5X digital), Rotating large 2.0" LCD

Samsung Digimax V700
Effective 7.1 Mega Pixels, 30X zoom (3X optical,10X digital), MPEG-4, VGA(640Ă—480) size

Samsung Digimax V800
The DIGIMAX V800 digital camera is an evolution of the DIGIMAX V700, that is well known among digital camera users for its excellent features, design, and functionality.

Samsung PRO815
The Pro 815 enables you to handle any shooting condition and situation, and demonstrates all the technologies of Samsung Techwin, the leading camera manufacturer in Korea.

Samsung NV3
Don't be fooled by its compact size. The NV3 features seven different and dynamic ways to entertain your senses, whatever your mood.

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