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Main / Book Reviews: Nude and Beauty Photography
by Nancy Brown

Nude and Beauty PhotographyThis book is part of the Kodak Pro Series of books.  In the past I've found the books in this series to be well written and informative and this one is no exception.  Nancy Brown brings not only talent but a unique perspective to the writing of this book, having been a professional model herself before moving behind the lens.  This book is about more than just lighting and setups, it's about working with models, getting the shot no matter what, choosing models, and creating images for both clients and for stock.  

Her overall view is refreshing and her anecdotes regarding shooting for Playboy are eye opening (imagine a nude shoot where the model still has stitches from her breast enhancement!).  The really interesting thing about this book is that much of it is written from the model's perspective.  There is even an interview written by a model that she has worked with numerous times in the past.  It's obvious that Nancy empathasizes with her models, and by putting you in their shoes you can learn a lot about working with a model to create a successful image.  If you have any doubts just look at the images included in the book.  Nancy's style is simple and uncluttered and the images are as impressive as her client list.

On the down side though, I thought that the book was light on technical detail, particularly lighting placement or even some notes on makeup.  Getting the kind of results shown here is no simple task and I would have liked more detail on how some of these images were achieved.  All in all a good book to have as part of your library on this subject but not a stand alone reference by itself.

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Review source: Vivid Light

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