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Main / Book Reviews: Everything Digital Photography Book: How to Take Great Pictures, Send Them to Your Friends and Post Them on the Web
by Elizabeth T. Schoch

Classic Glamour Photography: Techniques of the Top Glamour Photographers Mastering a new digital camera can be fun and easy!
If you're thinking of purchasing a digital camera or have just bought one, you'll need to know how to get things started. The Everything Digital Photography Book provides you with useful advice on every aspect of photography, from buying the right camera to framing beautiful images. You will discover how to maximize your digital experience by learning to use the latest features, including continuous photography and image storage.

Taking great photographs is only the beginning - with your digital camera, the options are endless. The Everything Digital Photography Book teaches you how to download images to any computer and, if necessary, touch them up with the latest software. Packed with instructional photos, and including a color insert, The Everything Digital Photography Book provides you with all the step-by-step guidance and inspiration necessary to create and share your most memorable pictures.

Features practical information on how to:
Purchase a camera
Know which features are essential, desirable, and optional on a digital camera
Use automatic controls for better results
Download images to print or upload to the Web
Improve your digital images with a variety of software
Create digital files from old photos

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