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Main / How to: Guidance to Take Digital Photos - Take Good Pictures Instantly

As a beginner, you need a guidance to take digital photos. Taking many pictures is a good way to learn, but it's much more effective if you learn some basic aspects up-front. There are some basic rules in photography that you simply need to know about.

One of them is the Rule of Thirds. Here's the idea behind this compositional rule: imagine an image consisting of thirds - vertically and horizontally - so that you have 9 similar parts. The trick is to place your point(s) of interest - your subject - along these lines or intersections, which creates more tension, more interest in the composition. Placing the subject right in the middle of the picture (or for example a horizon that divides the picture in half) makes the picture bland and boring.

Another important principle a photographer needs to know is called Simplification. A picture with many (similar) objects can confuse the viewer: the center of attention isn't clear. To avoid this, you need to single out your subject, your main item(s) from the surroundings. You can do so by simply getting closer to your subject. Another possibility is to choose a neutral background or manually adjust the focus so that the main object is focused and the background is unfocused. Last but not least you can vary the lighting as brighter areas of the image tend to draw the eye.

It is also good to know about The Rule of Odds. This rule signifies that an odd number of subjects in a photo is more pleasant to the human eye than an even number. A photo with an object surrounded by two others tends to create the feeling of comfort in the viewer.

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