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Main / Photography Glossary

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Off-The-Film Metering

A meter which determines exposure by reading light reflected from the film during picture-taking or a way of metering meters light reflects off film plane during exposure. First pioneered by Olympus on its famous OM2n, which is real time metering for normal exposure and flash exposures. Most flash mode for modern cameras are with OTF flash mode now.

OTF Test (Optical Transfer Functions)

Evaluates lens performance in terms of resolving power, contrast rendition and abberrations. Most believes the test is the only way to determine how good a lens is in the lab - at least the tester (esp photo magazines) does.

Ortho (Orthochromatic)

Denotes film sensitive to blue and green light.


A condition in which too much light reaches the film, producing a dense negative or a very bright/light print or slide.

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